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Welcome to Wiki95, the encyclopedia that transports you to the era of Windows 95. With our interface inspired by the classic aesthetics of the 90s, we offer a unique browsing experience, fusing the vast world of knowledge with the charm of computing from that era. epoch. From in-depth articles on science, history and culture, to curiosities from the 90s, Wiki95 is your portal to a golden age of digital knowledge. Browse through our pages and discover valuable information presented with a nostalgic touch. Go ahead, explore and relive the glory days of the Windows 95 era as you soak up the wisdom at Wiki95!

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Relive the Magic of the 90s in Every Click

At Wiki95, every click takes you on a journey through time. Our interface, inspired by Windows 95, not only captures the visual essence of the time, but also recreates the browsing experience of that time. Immerse yourself in nostalgia as you explore topics ranging from the revolutionary technology of the '90s to historic events that defined the decade.

A 90's Style Knowledge Library

Wiki95 is not just a visual homage to a bygone era; is a comprehensive library of knowledge covering a wide range of topics. Whether you're looking for detailed information on the technological advances of the '90s, the pop culture of the era, or significant historical events, you'll find well-researched and passionately written articles.

Family Interface, Easy Navigation

Our platform offers a familiar interface for those who grew up in the Windows 95 era, and an exciting discovery experience for younger people. Navigation is intuitive and simple, allowing you to focus on what is most important: knowledge.

A Community Passionate about the Digital Age

At Wiki95, we are more than an online encyclopedia; We are a community of technology enthusiasts and nostalgics. We invite our users to contribute their knowledge, share their memories of the '90s, and enrich our growing database with valuable and unique information.

Participate in the Construction of Digital History

We encourage you to be part of this exciting project. Contribute articles, correct errors, or simply share your stories and memories of the 90s. Together, we are building not only an encyclopedia, but a testimony of an era that marked a before and after in digital history.

Discover, Learn and Share

Wiki95 is a space to discover, learn and share. Browse our categories, browse random articles, or search for specific topics. Each visit is a new opportunity to learn something new and relive the iconic moments of a decade that changed the world.